Getting Started with Greenplum Database

Greenplum Database

This page shows the basics to start working with Greenplum.

Connect to your Data

The database structure can be entirely reversed in Metadata and then used in Mappings and Processes to design and adapt the business rules to meet the user’s requirements.

Refer to Connect to your Data for more information.

Work with Mappings

Refer to Work with Mappings for more information.

Load File Data from Amazon S3 to Greenplum

To load data from files located inside an Amazon S3 bucket to Greenplum, create a mapping between a file metadata and a greenplum table, with the following prerequisites:

  • The file metadata must contain the Amazon S3 bucket node, which represents where the file is currently located in Amazon S3.
    getting started greenplum s3 bucket

    You can also add the Amazon S3 bucket node at the folder level if all the files are contained in the same bucket.
  • The mapping must use the LOAD S3 File to GreenPlum template.