Upgrade the Semarchy xDI Runtime

This document provides instructions for the upgrade of Semarchy xDI Runtime.

The following procedure describes the steps to upgrade from 20.x or 5.3.x to 5.3.y. For other upgrade scenarios, refer to this article.

Pre-Upgrade Steps

This section describes the operations to perform before upgrading Semarchy xDI Designer.

Review the Release Notes

The Release Notes provides the latest information about the Semarchy xDI Release, including new features, bug fixes and breaking changes.

System Requirements

Review the system requirements for this new release.

Stop the Runtime

Stop the current Runtime if it is running. Make sure the service is stopped (if applicable).

Backup the Runtime

Make a zip archive of the current Runtime’s root folder.

Upgrade Steps

Get and Install the Runtime

  1. Download the new version of Semarchy xDI Runtime from the Semarchy website.

  2. Uncompress the downloaded file and move the content to a new installation folder.

  3. Check and set execution permission on all the .bat (Windows) and .sh (Linux or macOS) scripts located at the root of the new installation directory.

  4. Replicate the read/write permissions for other files from the previous installation folder. In particular, check and set write permissions for the following sub-directories:

    • ./temp

    • ./build

    • ./sessions

  5. Copy the content of the following folders from the previous Runtime installation to the new installation:

    • ./build/deliveries

    • ./build/packages

    • ./properties (if you have set some properties)

    • ./scheduler (if you are using the Runtime’s scheduler)

    • ./sessions (if you use the Runtime’s internal log database)

    • ./temp (if your Processes store specific files in this directory)

Copy Modules

Copy the Modules from the previous installation to the new installation folder. In a default installation, Modules are located in the ./modules folder.

Configure the Runtime

Configure the new Runtime based on the previous Runtime’s configuration.

Most environment variables used to configure the Runtime startup are renamed in Semarchy xDI 5.3.0. Make sure you use the correct names for the new Runtime’s configuration.

Start the New Runtime

Start the new Runtime. To start it as a service, refer to Runtime as a Service.

Post-Upgrade Steps

Once you have validated the new Runtime is running properly, perform the following operations:

  1. Remove the service for the previous Runtime.

  2. Remove the old Runtime folder.