Delivery Project Supervisor

The Delivery Project Supervisor provides an overview of the deployments across projects and package managers. It also allows mass analysis and deployment of deliveries.

Open the Delivery Project Supervisor

To open the Delivery Project Supervisor:

  1. In the Navigator view, right-click the Delivery Projects node and select Open Delivery Projects Supervisor.
    The Delivery Projects Supervisor editor opens.

delivery projects supervisor

This editor shows all the configured Deployments, that is the Package Managers with their Delivery Projects, Environment, and Working Versions.

If a package manager version is deployed in multiple environments, all these deployments appear in the table, with one row per deployment environment.

Use the Delivery Project Supervisor

In this table, you can sort the table by clicking on the column headers.

You can also filter the rows by selecting a Delivery Project, a Package Manager, or an Environment.

delivery projects supervisor filter

Note that the filters are combined. For example, if you select a value in the Delivery Project field, the Package Manager field only shows the package managers from that delivery project.

You can also use the Filter Text field to filter based on a text search on all values in the table.

delivery project supervisor global filter

Manage Package Managers and Deliveries

In the Delivery Project Supervisor, you can:

  • Open a Package Manager by clicking its name in the table.

  • View the details of a Working Version by clicking its name in the table.

  • Analyze a deployment by clicking the Analyze button to refresh the status indicator.

  • Analyze the filtered deployments by clicking the ana refresh 16x16 Refresh Status button in the table toolbar.

  • Perform a deployment for a given package manager version in a given environment by clicking the Deploy button on the corresponding row.

  • Deploy the filtered deployments by clicking the ana packages publishAll 16x16 Deploy Deliveries button in the table toolbar.