Google Sheets Component


Semarchy xDM Data Integration allows to work with Google Sheets to produce fully customized Data Flows.

Install the Google Sheets Component

The Google Sheets Component is installed from Semarchy xDI Designer using the component installation feature.

Supported Features

Feature Description


Google Sheets can be designed and reverse-engineered in Metadata.


Google Sheets data can be retrieved and loaded into any target technology, such as databases, files, and more.


Data can be loaded into Google Sheets from any source technology.

Data consultation

Consulting Google Sheets data directly within Designer is supported

Since the Google Sheets component has been updated to support Google "v4 API", there is a limitation on the reverse-engineering due to the changes of the API.

Currently, sheets must be reverse-engineered manually one by one, as there is no more dedicated API and permission to easily retrieve the list of the current user sheets.

This limitation may be unlocked in the future.