Google Sheets Component


Semarchy xDI allows to work with Google Sheets to produce fully customized Data Flows.

Install the Google Sheets Component

If you did not install it yet, install the Google Sheets component in Designer by following the component installation process.

Supported Features

Feature Description


Reverse-engineered Google Sheets as Metadata.


Extract Google Sheets data and load it into any target technology.


Load data to Google Sheets from any source technology.

View Data

View Google Sheets data from Designer.

The Google Sheet component had been upgraded to the Google v4 API. This API change prevents listing all user sheets. As a consequence reverse-engineering must be performed one sheet at a time.

Sub-Metadata support

The Google Sheets component lets you create Sub-Metadata on schema and query folder Metadata nodes.

To learn more about Sub-Metadata, see Work with Sub-Metadata.