Start Delivery



Starts a delivery as a child session.

This delivery is either deployed in the runtime, available in a delivery repository, or from the runtime’s file system.


Name Mandatory Default Description

Deliv Engine Host


This parameter allows to specify the Runtime host which will execute the given delivery. When not specified, the current Runtime executing the session is used.

The Hostname or IP address of the remote Runtime can be specified and the protocol must be included in the value, such as http://hostname or https://hostname.

Alternatively a cluster name can be defined when the current Runtime is configured to be able to execute on a Runtime cluster.

Deliv Engine Port


Port of the remote Runtime engine that will run this delivery.

Deliv Engine User Name


User used to connect the runtime.

Deliv Engine Password


User’s encrypted password.

Deliv Engine Uncrypted Password


User’s unencrypted password.

Deliv Engine API



For internal use.

Deliv Name

Name of the Delivery to execute when the delivery is deployed in the runtime. This parameter is ignored if Delivery File Name is set. It is mandatory if Delivery File Name is not set.

Deliv Repository

If your runtime is configured to use a deliveries repository, you can provide the repository name. The delivery is searched in the specified repository.

Deliv File Name

Location of the delivery file to execute in the runtime filesystem. It can be either the absolute path to the delivery file (E.g. D:/deliveries/mydeliv.deliv) or the relative path from the runtime (E.g. build/deliveries/mydeliv.deliv). This option cannot be used when executing a delivery on a remote runtime with the Deliv Remote Delivery Mode option enabled. This parameter is mandatory if Delivery Name is not set.

Deliv Session Name


Name of the session. If left empty, the session is named after the delivery.

Deliv Asynchronous Execution



If set to true, the action completes immediately, and the session proceeds without waiting for the delivery to complete (Asynchronous Mode). If set to false, the action waits for the delivery to complete before proceeding.

Deliv Wait All Sessions



Wait for all sessions to complete before proceeding with the action.

Deliv Memory Mode



The delivery is executed in memory in the same runtime engine as the current session using action. If this parameter is set to false, the delivery is executed in command line mode.

Deliv Configuration


Name of the delivery configuration that will be used. Mandatory for multi-configuration deliveries.

Deliv Remote Delivery Mode



Specifies if the delivery to execute should be searched in the local or remote runtime. When Deliv Engine Host and Deliv Engine Port parameters are set, by default the execute delivery action is looking for the delivery in the Runtime executing the action. You can set this option to true if you want it to search the delivery in the remote Runtime instead. In this case, the delivery does not need to be present in the Runtime executing the execute delivery action, but it must be in the remote one instead.

Since the parent action’s variables are passed to the child session, you can pass values to the child session by creating additional parameters on the Execute Delivery action.

Deliv Session Log Level



Level of logging used for the session. See log level for more details about the various log level values.

Deliv Max Parallel Session Number



Number of sessions executed in parallel by the action when Deliv Asynchronous Execution are selected and Deliv Wait All Sessions. The action runs sessions in parallel until that number is reached, and then will queue subsequent executions until previous ones are complete. The -1 value means that there is no limit.