Privacy Protect Component Release Notes

This page lists the main features added to the Privacy Protect component.

Feature Highlights

Version 1.0.1

Dependency with other columns

On Metadata, it is now possible to specify the columns dependency by Drag and Drop on the "Dependency with other columns" property.

Version 1.0.0

Anonymize data in databases

Semarchy xDI now provides the Semarchy Component.

This component allows anonymizing, pseudonymizing and generating data in databases.

When installed, the component adds new properties in database metadata which helps to define how data will be anonymized, pseudonymized or generated.

It gives the capability to companies to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

GDPR is a European directive to protect personal data. This new regulation replaces 1995 data protection laws and entered into force the 24 th May 2016 and is mandatory for all companies, administrations or European organisms, from the 25 th May 2018.

Change Log

Version 2023.1.0 (Privacy Protect Component)

Bug Fixes

  • DI-5327: The tool runs infinitely with empty tables to process.

  • DI-5328: The target table columns are always created as nullable no matter the value of the nullable property of the source tables columns.

  • DI-5960: When using the Privacy Protect tool, the queries generated for primary key creation are incorrect. They do not include the schema name inside the constraint definition, which is mandatory for some technologies such as AS400.

Version 1.0.0 (Privacy Protect Component)

New Features

  • DI-920: Privacy Protect Component - Integration of the first version of Privacy Protect Component which proposes a way to anonymize data in databases

Version 1.0.1 (Privacy Protect Component)

New Features

  • DI-4031: Metadata Editor - Added the ability to specify dependant columns by Drag and Drop on the "Dependency with other columns" attribute ( in the privacy protect tab)

Bug Fixes

  • DI-4028: To be used by the component, on AS / 400 index names must be prefixed with the schema name

  • DI-4029: The creation of the primary key failed at the end of the process

  • DI-4030: To be used by the component, in IBM DB2 / 400, NULL values ​​must be converted to a data type to extract from the source

Version 3.0.0 (Component Pack)

New Features

  • DI-4508: Update Components and Designer to take into account dedicated license permissions

  • DI-4727: Rebranding: Templates and sample projects

  • DI-4962: Improved component dependencies and requirements management

Version 5.3.5 (Component Pack)

Bug Fixes

  • DI-5328 : The target table columns are always created as nullable irrespective of the value of the nullable property of the source table columns.

  • DI-5327 : The tool may run infinitely when there are empty source tables to process.