Getting Started with Twitter

This getting started gives some clues to start working with Twitter

Connect to your Data


The Twitter operations can be entirely reversed in Metadata and then used in Mappings and Processes to design and adapt the business rules to meet the user’s requirements.

The first step is to create a new Twitter Metadata:

  1. Create a Twitter Metadata, select a name for it.

  2. A wizard opens to select the Twitter operations to reverse.

getting started twitter metadata reverse

You can refer to Connect to your Data page to learn the basics about Metadata creation and configuration.
Twitter Metadata is based on HTTP REST Metadata, so it is using an HTTP REST Module.

You can open again the wizard at anytime to reverse other operations. We suggest to reverse only the operations you need to use, to avoid being overloaded with a bunch of operations you will not use. To open again the reverse wizard, click on the root node of the Metadata, and choose Actions > Launch Twitter wizard.

Below, an overview of a Twitter Metadata with some operations reversed.

getting started twitter metadata overview

Create your first Mappings

Twitter Component is based on HTTP REST Component.

You can use Twitter operations in Mapping, invoke them and retrieve the responses.

Sample Project

The Twitter Component ships sample project(s) that contain various examples and use cases.

You can have a look at these projects to find samples and examples describing how to use it.

Refer to Install Components to learn how to import sample projects.