Getting started with Salesforce

This page contains information to help you get started with Salesforce in Semarchy xDI.

Create a metadata

To create a Salesforce metadata:

  1. Right-click a folder in your project and then select New > Metadata.

  2. In the New Metadata wizard, select Salesforce and click Next.

    getting started metadata

  3. Name the metadata and click Next.

  4. Select the component’s module and then click Finish.
    The Salesforce server wizard appears.

  5. In the Salesforce server wizard, enter the name, authentication endpoint, login, password, and security token.

  6. Click Connect to test the authentication.
    A message dialog confirms the authentication success.

  7. Close message dialog and click Next.

  8. In the Reverse page, click Refresh.

  9. Select the Salesforce elements to reverse-engineer and then click Finish.

The Salesforce metadata is reverse-engineered.