Retrieving the HTTP headers returned by a web service

This page is legacy documentation. For the current HTTP REST connector, see its dedicated section.

The HTTP Headers returned by a Web Service after invocation can be retrieved and stored easily in a database.

Metadata Configuration

The first step is to add the HTTP Header in the Output of the WSDL Metadata.

  1. Open the Metadata

  2. Add a new 'Part' under the Output node of the operation

  3. Set its Name and Type

  4. Set its Binding Type to http:header

http rest legacy.headers.metadata

For instance, we want here to retrieve the Content-Type header.

The Name specified must match the name of the header returned by the Web Service

Mapping Configuration

Now, you can map this field in your Mapping to retrieve the value returned by the Web Service for the specified header.

http rest legacy.headers.mapping