Get LoadID



Gets a load ID from the Semarchy xDM repository. The load ID is required to load data into Semarchy xDM data location.

The retrieved load ID is stored in the SEM_LOAD_ID variable.





Load ID type


Type of load ID:

  • new: Creates a new external load and returns its ID. Such a load needs to be explicitly submitted after the data is loaded. You can also cancel this load.

  • continuous: Retrieves the ID of an existing Semarchy xDM Continous Load. Data loaded using a continuous load is automatically processed on a schedule. You do not need to submit such a load, and cannot cancel it.

When using a continuous load, you should preferably load data using a database transaction, to guarantee that all the required data is loaded before the transaction commit, and that this transaction can be rolled back should an error occur during data integration.

Sem Repo Schema


Name of the database schema hosting the Semarchy xDM repository.

Data Location Name


Name of the data location as specified in the Semarchy xDM Management view.

User Name


Name of the user initializing the action.

The username must be the same across different actions used in the same process.

Continuous Load Name


Only applies if the Load ID type is set to continuous.

Name of the continous load as configured in the Semarchy xDM Management view.