Actian VectorWise Component Release Notes

This page lists the main features added to the Actian VectorWise Component.

Feature Highlights

Version 2.0.2

Minor improvements and fixed issues

This version contains some minor improvements and fixed issues, which can be found in the complete changelog.

Version 2.0.1

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Multiple improvements have been performed to homogenize the usage of Change Data Capture (CDC) in various Components.

Parameters have been homogenized, so that all Templates should now have the same CDC Parameters, with the same support of features.

Multiple fixes have also been performed to correct CDC issues. Refer to the changelog for the exact list of changes.

Change Log

Version 5.3.8 (Component Pack)

New Features

  • DI-6238: The Create Statistics on Target Table option has been added to the INTEGRATION Vectorwise template. This option allows calculating statistics on target table using the CREATE STATISTICS FOR statement.

Version 5.3.7 (Component Pack)

New Features

  • DI-6083: Update the templates to use the MODIFY…​TO COMBINE statement instead of CALL VECTORWISE […​] COMBINE which is deprecated.

Version 2.0.2 (Actian VectorWise Component)

Bug Fixes

  • DI-2749: Template - LOAD Rdbms to VectorWise (with vwload) - generated temporary file names may unexpectedly contain object delimiters

Version 2.0.1 (Actian VectorWise Component)

New Features

  • DI-1910: Templates updated - New parameter 'Cdc Subscriber' on Templates on which it was not handled yet

Bug Fixes

  • DI-1908: Templates updated - The 'Cdc Subscriber' parameter was ignored in some Templates on Lock / Unlock CDC steps

  • DI-1907: Templates updated - The 'Cdc Subscriber' parameter was ignored in some Templates when querying the source data