Startup logging

The startup logging helps you to monitor and troubleshoot issues of the Semarchy xDM platform at startup.

Startup logging begins when you start Semarchy xDM, and traces issues that may take place until the platform is fully started. It helps you identity and troubleshoot possible errors in the startup configuration.

Configure the startup logging

This logging is parameterized in a configuration file that Semarchy xDM loads at startup. This XML file defines the logging configuration in the Log4j 2 format.

To find this file, Semarchy xDM uses the java property, that you typically set in the ./bin/|bat Tomcat configuration file, as shown below.$CATALINA_BASE/conf/log4j2.semarchy.xml

View the startup logging

With the default configuration, the startup logs are issued in the operating system standard output and in the ./logs/semarchy.log file.

Review the standard output or this file to troubleshoot platform startup issues.

After the startup, Semarchy xDM switches to the regular platform logging, which can be configured from the platform configuration user interface.

The following message is logged to indicate that switch:

Switching to the Semarchy xDM logging, as configured in Configuration > Logging Configuration.