Deploy Semarchy xDM to JBoss/Wildfly

This document explains how to configure and deploy the Semarchy xDM Server with WildFly Application Server (formerly JBoss AS).

In this document, <wildfly_home> refers to the Wildfly server installation folder.

Refer to the WildFly Documentation for your WildFly version for more details about the deployment and configuration processes in WildFly.

Install Additional Libraries

JDBC Drivers

Install the JDBC drivers to connect the repository and data location databases, as well as the additional drivers required for the datasources accessed by xDM Dashboard or xDM Discovery.

To install the JDBC drivers:

  1. Copy the appropriate database driver file from temp/mdm-server/additional-libraries/ to the <wildfly_home>/standalone/deployments directory.

  2. Copy additional drivers to the same directory.

Deploy the Application

Startup checklist

For the Semarchy xDM application to start correctly, make sure that your application server environment is correctly set up.

  • The repository and the data locations database schemas are created.

  • The driver libraries are installed in the application server.

  • The startup configuration is set to connect the repository schema.

  • For an initial startup, the setup token environment variable is set to be able to authenticate and create the repository.

To deploy the application:

  1. Copy the temp/mdm-server/semarchy.war file to the <wildfly_home>/standalone/deployments/ folder.

The Semarchy xDM application is deployed in the server.

Configure JavaMail Session

This configuration is required for mail notifications using JEE Mail Session.

To configure JavaMail Session:

  1. Edit the domain.xml or standalone-full.xml configuration file and create the mail subsystem to match your configuration. See for more information.

Test the Application

To test the application:

  1. Open a web browser.

  2. In the URL, enter: http:/<wildfly_host>:<wildfly_port>/semarchy/.