Create the Semarchy xDM repository

Semarchy xDM holds all its information in a repository stored in a database/schema. The first task when connecting to Semarchy xDM is to create this repository structure in the storage previously created.

The repository creation is performed the first time you connect to Semarchy xDM.

To create the repository, you need a Setup Token that you must configure in the startup configuration.

To create the repository:

  1. Open your web browser and connect to the following URL: http://<application_server_host>:<application_server_port>/semarchy/.

  2. Enter the Setup Token that you provided in the startup configuration and then click Login.

  3. Review the End-User License Agreement and then click Accept.

  4. Enter the following information to create your repository:

    • Repository Name and Repository Type.

      The repository type cannot be modified after installation, make sure to choose a repository type adapted to your installation.
    • Administrator Username and Password. Make sure to store this information.

  5. Click Install to create the repository.
    The repository creation begins.

  6. Click Sign In to access the repository with the administrator credentials you just provided.

The repository is created and Semarchy xDM is now up and running.