Manage data hubs with the REST API

The Semarchy xDM REST API exposes endpoints to automate the operations required to manage and deploy the models and data locations.

Model and application management with REST

The following API endpoints are available for model and data location management:

  • Models: list, create, delete, import, and export models and model editions. Manage model branches and editions as well as translations.

  • Data Locations: list, create, delete, upgrade data locations, deploy models, manage data location status, and purge job logs.

  • Notification Policies: configure, export, and import (replace) notification policies.

  • Continuous Loads: configure, export, and import (replace) continuous load definitions.

  • Data Notifications: list, create, and manage data notifications for the data location.

  • Purge Schedule: get and set the configuration of the purge schedule.

  • Dashboard Applications: list, create, delete, import, and export dashboard applications.

In addition, probe endpoints are available to monitor the platform, REST API and applications liveliness, startup, and readiness.

REST API documentation

The REST API exposes its built-in documentation as a link on the Welcome page. In addition, this documentation is available for tools as an OpenAPI specification.

To access the REST API documentation:

  1. Log in to Semarchy xDM as a user with one of the Application Design, Application Management, or Platform Administration platform privileges.

  2. Click the REST API link on the Welcome page.

  3. In the upper-right menu, select Model and Application Management or Dashboard Application Management depending on the operations you want to perform.

The documentation exposes the endpoints' descriptions and provides request and response samples.