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    Semarchy  provides the fastest time-to-value multi-domain data management software for all your reference and master data: customers, products, assets, employees, hierarchies and more…

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Master Data Management Software

We know that business requirements change and evolve over time. By building this simple, but fundamentally important assumption into the heart of our master data management software, we are able to handle initial, and evolving MDM requirements, quicker and with less cost.

Evolutionary MDM™

Fast Time-to-Value

We fit in the existing organization and do not force you to change your existing business processes.

Iterative Project Evolution

We help you adopt new domains iteratively and welcome new business requirements.

Secured Data Evolution

We protect your critical data assets and we track and control how they change over time.

Semarchy Convergence

Semarchy Convergence is our comprehensive software solution to manage customers, products, assets, employees, hierarchies or any other reference or master data in the fastest, simplest and safest way.

Convergence™ for MDM
Convergence™ Pulse
Convergence™ Cloud MDM
Convergence™ for Data Integration
Convergence™ for Address Geocoding

Meet our Customers

Leading organizations worldwide rely on Semarchy software to govern their critical reference and master data.

Proof of Value

If you are facing the challenge of evaluating ROI and value of your RDM or MDM project, we build your business case and help you gain executive sponsorship.

Semarchy’s Proof of Value is the fastest way of delivering tangible results in less than two weeks.

Proof of Value