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Azure Master Data Management Solution

Modern enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud computing services and Azure is the IaaS solution of choice for over 20% of organizations around the world. To successfully migrate your master data to the cloud, integrate it, and ensure its quality, you need a Microsoft Azure master data management solution.

Automated master data management in Azure 

Integrate, manage, and transform on-premises data from all sources and send clean datasets to Microsoft Azure from a single-source API with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform. Our dedicated Master Data Management Software (Semarchy xDM) and data integration software (Semarchy xDI) work seamlessly with all key products and services within the Azure offering.

Get business intelligence on the fly

Accelerate and modernize Azure master data management to deliver actionable, data-driven insights in real-time, automated feeds through powerful data cataloging, integration, quality, and analytics.

Improve data quality, reduce complexity

Develop a single source of truth with intelligent, automated data governance software, 360-degree data visibility, and deep analytics capabilities with Semarchy xDM.

Ensure fast and secure cloud migration

Built-in security allows for the safe, quick and easy migration and integration of data between on-premise and Azure cloud applications, helping you to optimize your cloud usage. 

Capture ROI quickly with ELT/ETL architecture

Avoid costly, complex, and lengthy Azure data integration with autonomous execution in the cloud, minus the operational disruption or the need for a proprietary engine.

Maximize your investment

Simplify interaction with the Azure cloud technologies and integrate modern DevOps practices by taking advantage of the Semarchy connector’s advanced automation features.

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Getting the most out of Azure 

Migrating to the cloud offers greater speed, reliability, and scalability. It saves on the cost of servers, storage, backup media, and it side-steps hardware maintenance costs leaving you with more capital to invest in your business.

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Seamless integration into DevOps practices

Azure provides a host of DevOps tools for tasks like versioning, artifact management, and pipelines to speed up the operationalization of applications, workflows, and data flows. Our Azure master data management solution provides flexibility and compatibility with these tools to seamlessly integrate all data projects.

Accelerated delivery

Semarchy xDI’s dedicated connectors support legacy and modern data sources with ubiquitous connectivity for speedy delivery. Templates with out-of-the-box capabilities further increase productivity by saving valuable implementation time.

Agile architecture

Our solution’s agility means it can effectively meet ever-changing business or technical requirements. Using an intuitive, low-code design process with its flexible and scalable architecture ensures the rapid generation of quality golden records. Fully customizable templates complete the picture by supporting underlying tech changes and unique requirements. 

A hybrid integration solution for the Microsoft suite

Since many organizations using Microsoft Azure still have their data and processes on-premises, they need to operate in hybrid mode. The Azure master data management solution from Semarchy offers a hybrid architecture that provides the flexibility to deploy in any environment.

Migrating on-premises data to Azure

Moving to the cloud may require a partial or full migration, both of which require a comprehensive migration strategy. Our Azure master data management solution is adaptable to assist in both cases to expedite your migration phases with several automations.

The right tool for big data analytics  

Traditional forms of data analysis software cannot support the level of complexity and scale that big data presents. The Semarchy Unified Data Platform can connect your Azure environment effortlessly to big Data Platforms such as Hadoop with automated workflows and little to no manual coding.

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How does the Semarchy Unified Data Platform simplify the migration of on-premises data to Azure?

Our solution simplifies the migration process with data mapping functionality which provides a simple and standardized way to move your data. However, during the different phases of migration we can adapt and react to changing needs, providing customized solutions as required.

How can the Semarchy Unified Data Platform help my organization to maximize its Azure investment?

Our solution works seamlessly with specialized Azure products for Storage, Compute, Analytics, Databases, API Management, and more. We also keep an eye on any new and advanced features which are released, and adapt our solution accordingly.

I don’t need to move all of my data to/from Azure. Can the Semarchy Unified Data Platform still help?

Yes! You can use our Microsoft Azure MDM solution for a partial or full data migration to the Azure cloud.

Won’t introducing a Microsoft Azure MDM solution restrict my team’s performance?

Certainly not! MDM software should reliably enable your performance and productivity. For reassurance, we received an 82+ out of 100 approval rating in the Performance Restricting vs. Performance Enhancing section of SoftwareReviews’ 2022 report and buyer’s guide.