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Collaborative Data Governance within the Semarchy Unified Data Platform

Effective Information Governance requires a flexible and complete framework for mastering data in a collaborative fashion. Being able to steward, model, profile, and clean data efficiently and automatically can allow for better data governance and business insights. Applications that solely focus on governance policies, reports, and workflows fall short of the comprehensive business requirements for enterprises.

When incorporating holistic data governance, businesses should pay attention to auditability (establishing role-based access and permissions to maintain governance), enforcement (defining and integrating applications and users), and flexibility (being able to adapt to new changes within your business landscape and newly adopted technologies). 

But most importantly, collaboration is a key component to successful governance strategies. Semarchy xDM delivers on this requirement with an intuitive material design experience that empowers citizen data consumers to curate and manage data at scale, without training or development work from IT organizations. With the Semarchy Unified Data Platform, organizations can:

  • Manage their business glossary and the relationships between terms.
  • Define a list of values in the data governance application and enforce them with xDM. 
  • Put data lineage, glossary, and transparency in the hands of the business users.
Collaborative Governance Features

Applications generated by xDM are contextually adapted and optimized for citizen data consumer personas:


  • Requires timely, trusted data
  • Expects clean, consistent, accurate data
  • Leverages data for decision support 


  • Enforces quality: consistency, completeness, compliance
  • Needs metrics for process and quality
  • Requires lineage, audit, traceability 


  • Authors data, prefer it centralized
  • Suffers from spreadsheets
  • Collaborates, but keeps ownership 


  • Treats data as an asset
  • Understands business context
  • Performs data analysis to determine relationships and opportunities, support decisions

Dictatorial governance boards can’t keep pace with the dynamic nature of business requirements in fast-paced organizations. Engineered for enterprise-scale, while at the same time lightweight and intuitive, xDM provides organizational efficiency, accountability, and transparency.

To better understand the challenges of data governance, watch as our technical expert discusses key solutions and technologies to help you become data governance champions.