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Managing global data to better understand a full portfolio of brands.

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Bringing all their data together in one place

Brown-Forman, known for labels such as Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, and Finlandia, partnered with Semarchy to harmonize their datasets across all brands and global locations.

Brown-Forman needed a Master Data Management solution that could handle vast quantities of product data across multiple global locations. They aimed to have a better view of their global landscape and use that data to inform their product decisions.

Their first challenge was that data for the same product was handled differently according to the location it came from. Semarchy helped them to devise a solution for harmonizing data, leading to improved data accuracy and reliability.

They were able to gain insights more quickly and efficiently and cut back on project timelines. Brown-Forman continues to scale their data harmonization efforts and is seeing benefits across departments, including improved pricing and marketing strategies.

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