Improving the flow of data and anticipating customer needs with a global digital evolution strategy

Chantelle Group chose Semarchy xDI for its digital transformation initiative that involved not only its adaptation to customer communication channels but also the testing of new sales models. This included omnichannel: crossing and combining sales and communications channels with the customer to improve the customer experience. With several companies grouped into one, and information systems that must communicate, the company needed an agile and comprehensive system that could handle their B2B and B2B requirements.

The future of agile data integration is here

Chantelle Lingerie is both a multi-brand company and a creative studio. Founded in 1876, Chantelle Group
has enjoyed over 140 years of innovation and design, with 9 brands (Chantelle, Passionata, Darjeeling, Orcanta, Chantal Thomass, Femilet, LIvera, and CL), a revenue of over 400 million euros annually, and a brand presence with over 10,000 points of sale worldwide. In recent decades, its business model has shifted to certain lingerie brands opening their own brick and mortar or e-commerce stores, allowing them to master their distribution network.

Chantelle Group felt the impact of the changes brought on by this major evolution of business models and
needed to develop their company’s online commerce and in-store models efficiently, with the right tools and
architecture to do it. They looked to Semarchy xDI.


  • Data Complexity: In the field of textiles, each item must be made in different sizes and different colors, with lingerie adding a third dimension for cup sizes. All the data produced is therefore managed by RCBT (Reference Color Bonnet Size) and must be strictly controlled by the different brands.
  • Data Integration: Chantelle required a data-oriented information system to cover industrial management, supplies, logistics chain, direct and indirect sales, finance, and ERP. A vertical integration platform was an extreme challenge. Their previous system depended on the ETL available to Chantelle and was aging.
  • Data Management: Chantelle needed a better system to manage their volumes of data to increase product and process integrity for all optimal supply chain creation, lineage, consolidation, and maintenance.
  • Data Governance for Improved BI: Chantelle’s business data is generated from many disparate systems and needed to be made available to analysts accurately and easily.


  • Flexible In-House Data Integration: With Semarchy xDI, Chantelle is capable not only of developing integration flows but also of managing its operations and controlling the different elements of the entire information system.
  • Dake Lake Utilization: With xDI, data is now extracted from all management software systems used by Chantelle: SAP ERP, Cegid, and Cylande. Not mere interfaces, the ELT architecture enables Chantelle to control, check, correct, and enrich the data.
  • Google Big Query Connector: Previously unavailable, Semarchy was able to develop this connector to meet Chantelle’s needs.
  • Better Business Intelligence: By bringing all data to one single, centralized platform Chantelle is able to better understand all aspects of its complex business environment.
  • Cloud Migration: This project led directly to cloud computing and the company moving to the cloud, which had not previously been part of Chantelle’s culture.


  • With the tools to develop applications as needed and customizable workflows and interfaces driven by their data needs, Chantelle has been empowered to make more intelligent and informed business decisions.
  • With one location for all the data related to sales, marketing, supplies, and manufacturing plans, Chantelle is now able to align people, processes, and technology, bringing value to its customers (enabled Know Your Customer).
  • Semarchy xDI has allowed for better days agility, lower costs, and quicker access to data and insights made available to internal customers.
  • Better data management has allowed for a better holistic picture of Chantelle’s business aligning all its goals and needs within a single, unified platform.
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[Chantelle was able] to be much more agile, to respond to requests that we would probably have had to refuse with the previous tool, to
respond to new cases of business use, to go faster, and to have the resource external available for more flexibility… This is the best the ISD has done in the
past two years.

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