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Need data quality? Get collaborative

Data Governance Software

When it comes to data quality, the Semarchy xDM: Master Data Management & Data Governance Module has you covered.

Build quality and trust with the right data governance tools

Data governance gets agile and intuitive when everyone is empowered to prevent and solve data issues. Semarchy xDM’s intuitive interface protects data quality. You get maximum efficiency, accountability, and transparency.

Governance clarity

With Semarchy xDM, governance is built into the data model for every application design. Users can always see and understand governance processes in context. Plus, with our data governance software, rules are learned and naturally enforced as users work.

Secure permissions

Building an effective data governance system with Semarchy xDM rests on role-based permissions. Knowing data is secure allows business users to access and reclaim ownership of critical data through an intuitive self-service user experience.

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  • Contextual communication

    Transform governance from a never-ending struggle to a collaborative stewardship. When business users are engaged and communication is effective throughout daily workflows, everyone understands data quality issues.

  • Change management

    Semarchy makes data governance flexible. As business requirements change, governance rules change. As the backbone of the data governance solution, the platform automatically supports new permissions and processes around authorship, validation, and record management.

Are you keeping up with data governance?

What data keeps you competitive today — and what might matter tomorrow? As business requirements evolve, data governance must do the same. The Semarchy xDM: Master Data Management & Data Governance Module lets you set policies that flex and change at the pace of business.

Do you trust your data?

Forget ungoverned spreadsheets and incomplete or low-quality data. Skip rigid, remote governance rules that can’t adapt to the pace of business. Semarchy’s data governance solution ushers in the future of master data governance that’s agile, intuitive, and collaborative.

  • Empower business leads

    An intuitive interface helps users understand data terms and policies in context.

  • Engage them in data governance

    Automatic guidance builds a culture of collaborative data creators and stewards.

  • Keep it all compliant and secure

    Rest easy with a data governance tool that exposes data when and where authorized only.

  • Maximize your data’s value

    Build ongoing trust in a single source of truth with complete, quality data for all.

Drive better data analytics 

Any business decision based on flawed data is a disaster in the making. Conversely, effective data governance leads to better business intelligence and analytics, leading to informed decision-making, improved planning, and stronger financial performance. 

  • Do it right the first time

    Let our experts refine your business requirements and engage business leads in data governance best practices.

  • Attend a data governance workshop

    Our workshop aims to help senior business leaders align their data and analytics programs with business outcomes.

  • Convince your stakeholders

    Use our data experts to show stakeholders how Semarchy Unified Master Data Management lowers risk, speeds time-to-value, and delivers faster ROI.

  • Jump-start your data governance strategy

    Join our consultancy team on a detailed data boot camp to ensure effective match and merge practices.

Maximize the value of all your data

Ineffective data governance may complicate data integration efforts and compromise data integrity. Conversely, a well-managed enterprise data governance program will help fuel business initiatives throughout your organization. Semarchy xDM ensures accurate business intelligence, enterprise reporting, and analytics applications.

  • Eliminate inconsistent data silos

    Use xDM to harmonize the data in disparate systems through collaborative stewardship, and eliminate technical challenges in your data stack.

  • Ensure compliance with all regulations

    Manage all regulatory requirements in your industry and the larger global business environment with Semarchy’s xDM enterprise data governance platform.

  • Prove the value-add of your enterprise
    data governance program

    Showcase the effectiveness of your data governance processes with Semarchy xDM. Governance is built into the data model for every application design.

  • Increase analytics accuracy

    When making critical business decisions, leverage accurate, real-time analytics from your business intelligence or data warehouse.

Sustain your data governance program  

With data driving today’s digital transformation imperatives for business leaders, there’s an increasing need to ensure that processes are in place to move the data strategy forward. Semarchy’s data governance consultancy service is there to guide the implementation to help deliver a strong and sustainable data governance program.   

  • Conduct a target architecture review

    Ask one of our expert consultants to perform a 360° checkpoint to ensure that the overall architecture complies with the business and technical objectives and use cases. Ideally, the architecture review should happen in the first or second week after onboarding.

  • Request a data model review

    Semarchy’s specialists will, upon request, perform a spot check to ensure that the foundational data model supports the project’s business, functional, and technical requirements. This will take place in accordance with the Semarchy best practice approach for master data management and governance.

  • Build quality and trust

    Let us do a detailed assessment of matching to ensure best practices for an effective match and merge strategy using Semarchy xDM. Our experts will review the matching process to ensure the creation of a single source of truth for different mastered entities.

  • Define success metrics

    Our data governance consultancy team will work with your business users to set up success criteria and KPIs based on their ROI measurement needs. We’ll also conduct a user-centered audit to ensure quality user experiences, interface performance, and intuitive feature usage.

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Is Semarchy’s Data Governance application customizable?

Our Data Governance application can be easily and flexibly customized according to your specific business needs.

Does Semarchy’s data governance solution come with any starter data governance tools?

New customers will receive a starter pack with data governance tools, including an enterprise glossary, data dictionary, users, roles and authorizations, and more.

Does Semarchy’s Data Governance application support compliance with key data regulations?

Our Data Governance application facilitates compliance with regulations such as CCPA, GDPR, IDMP, MiFID and more.

Data governance that truly works

Semarchy xDM is the only data governance software solution that enables policy definition and enforcement in a single platform. Solve data governance in parallel with your data management and data integration initiatives — all in one place.