Getting started with the SAP Hana database

This page contains information to help you get started with SAP Hana in Semarchy xDI.

Connect to your data

The database structure can be entirely reversed in Metadata and then used in Mappings and Processes to design and adapt the business rules to meet the user’s requirements.

You can refer to Connect to your data page which explains the procedure.

Configure SAP Hana component to use SAP Hana loaders


For performance purposes, some of the SAP Hana Templates are optimized to use the SAP Hana IMPORT FROM statement to load data into the database.

For this, Semarchy xDI will extract source data to temporary files and then load them through the IMPORT FROM statement.

To use IMPORT FROM statement, SAP Hana needs to have access to the temporary files to load. SAP Hana Templates supports sending the temporary files through SSH.

Send the temporary files through SSH

This method consists of sending automatically the temporary files through FTP on SAP Hana machine.

If you want to use this method, the first step is to prepare the SSH connection by creating an SSH Metadata.

  1. Create an SSH Metadata, fill in the target SAP Hana machine connection properties, and finally define inside a folder in which the temporary files will be transferred.

  2. When this is done, drag and drop the SSH folder on the SAP Hana Metadata and rename it to 'TARGET_SSH'.

The Metadata Link can also be drag and dropped on a schema or on a datastore node instead of the root server node, if you want to customize the temporary folder for each datastore, for instance.


getting started sap hana metadata ssh link

Work with mappings

Your Metadata being ready and your tables reversed, you can now start creating your first Mappings.

The SAP Hana technology can be used like any other database in Semarchy xDI.

You can refer to Work with mappings page which explains the procedure.

Example of Mapping loading data from HSQL into SAP Hana:

getting started sap hana mapping example 1

Example of Mapping loading data from Delimited File to SAP Hana:

getting started sap hana mapping example 2

Example of Mapping loading an XML file into SAP Hana:

getting started sap hana mapping example 3

Example of Mapping loading data from SAP Hana to HSQL:

getting started sap hana mapping example 4

Sample project

The SAP Hana component is distributed with sample projects that contain various examples and files. Use these projects to better understand how the component works, and to get a head start on implementing it in your projects.

Refer to Install components in Semarchy xDI Designer to learn about importing sample projects.