Upgrade the License Server

This document provides instructions to upgrade the Semarchy xDI License Server.

Pre-Upgrade Steps

This section describes the operations to perform before upgrading the Semarchy xDI License Server.

Review the Release Notes

The release notes contain the latest information about the Semarchy xDI release, such as new features, bug fixes, breaking changes, and removals.

System Requirements

Review the system requirements for the new release. Take special note of supported Java versions, as you may need to install a newer one depending on which License Server version you are upgrading from.

Stop the license server

Stop the current installation of the License Server. If it is run as a service, make sure the service does not restart automatically.

Prepare the spring-context.xml file

The License Server uses the spring-context.xml file under the ./conf folder to provide specific configurations. You must configure the new file and adapt it to your previous configuration (See Configure the License Server).

The spring-context.xml file is mandatory since version 5.3.6. If you upgrade from a previous version, make sure to configure it properly when upgrading. Read Configure the License Server for more information.

If you upgrade from License Server version 1.x to 2023.1 or newer, you must make changes to the spring-context.xml file.

  1. Make a copy of the spring-context.xml file.

  2. In the copy, replace all instances of com.stambia.licence with com.semarchy.xdi.license.server.

  3. Use this new file for your new installation.

Get a compatible license file

Semarchy xDI Designer 2023.1 introduced a new license format. If you upgrade to version 2023.1 or newer, contact Semarchy support or your account representative to get a new license file to deploy.

Get a Compatible License Key

License Server versions 2023.1 and above can serve licenses for all versions of Designer, older and newer.

The license key you configure depends on the Designer version that needs it. Make sure to provide your users with license keys that match their product version. Contact Semarchy support or your account representative to obtain the correct license keys.

Upgrade Steps

Perform the following operations to download and install the new version of Semarchy xDI License Server:

  1. Download the new version of Semarchy xDI License Server from the Semarchy website.

  2. Decompress the downloaded file and move the archive content to the target installation folder, which must be different from the previous version’s installation folder.

  3. Configure the spring-context.xml file and adapt it to your previous configuration (see Prepare the spring-context.xml file).

  4. Copy the license file to the new installation folder.

  5. Start the License Server: refer to Start the License Server or, if the server is run as a service, refer to License Server as a service.

Post-Upgrade Steps

Once you have verified the License Server is running properly and is successfully accessed by the Designer, perform the following operations:

  1. Remove the previous installation folder.

  2. Remove the service running the previous version of the License Server (if applicable).