Elasticsearch component release notes

This page lists the main features added to the Elasticsearch Component.


Version 2024.2.0

Features and improvements

  • DI-8895: Updated Elasticsearch component libraries and dependencies.

Bug fixes

  • DI-9244: Fixed an issue which prevented Certificates and Keys from using the Windows path separator.

  • DI-9474: Updated Spring Framework third-party libraries.

Version 2024.1.5


  • DI-9598: Updated main component libraries to the latest versions.

Bug fixes

  • DI-9230: Updated Eclipse third-party libraries.

Version 2024.1.2

Bug fixes

  • DI-9244: Allow Certificates and Keys to use the Windows path separator.

  • DI-9474: Updated Spring Framework third-party libraries.

Version 2024.1.0


  • DI-5353: Add support for Elasticsearch 8.

  • DI-8593: Update Elasticsearch backend to the latest version.

Version 2023.4.0


  • DI-7241: Support Elasticsearch API Key authentication.

  • DI-8104: In the Elasticsearch metadata, add the ability to define the security certificate to be used through a reference to the Certificate and Keys metadata.

Bug fixes

  • DI-6885: Netty third-party library upgrade.

  • DI-7814: ElasticSearch 7: reverse engineering arrays fails with the error "java.lang.Exception: close element: hits doesn’t match to current".

  • DI-8309: Upgrade Netty third-party library.

  • DI-8608: The "insert" operation is incorrectly doing an upsert operation instead.

Version 2023.1.13

New Features

  • DI-9620: Added Semarchy Data Intelligence harvesting features.

Version 2023.1.7

Bug fixes

  • DI-8593: Upgrade third-party libraries.

Version 2023.1.6

Bug fixes

  • DI-8309: Upgrade Netty third-party library.

Version 2023.1.3

Bug fixes

  • DI-7849: Jackson-dataformat-cbor - Third-party library upgrade.

Version 2023.1.0

Bug fixes

  • DI-6147: Remove unsupported ELasticsearch versions (2.x, 5.4, 6.x).

  • DI-6149: Multiple third-party libraries upgrade.

  • DI-6315: SnakeYAML - Third-party library upgrade.

Version 2.0.3 (Elasticsearch component)


  • DI-2806: Support Xpack Security

  • DI-2826: When performing a search operation, it is now possible to limit the number of hits returned through a new parameter available on the corresponding template

Bug fixes

  • DI-2689: Search Guard properties were ignored, avoiding connecting to Search Guard secured Elasticsearch servers

  • DI-2805: The cluster-name specified in Metadata is ignored, which leads to connection errors when working with an elasticsearch server having a custom cluster-name

  • DI-2824: Search operation is throwing an error if returned data contains special characters

  • DI-2825: Search operation was not handling properly some of the query parameters, such as includes, excludes, …​ which were ignored

  • DI-2839: Elasticsearch default encoding used when performing operations should be UTF-8

Version 2.0.4 (Elasticsearch component)


  • DI-1718: Support communicating with Elasticsearch through HTTP/REST protocol

  • DI-2209: Elasticsearch 2 support is now kept as legacy and compatibility purposes, as this version is not supported anymore by Elasticsearch. Only maintenance and critical fixes will be performed on Elasticsearch 2.x.

  • DI-1910: Templates updated - New parameter 'Cdc Subscriber' on Templates on which it was not handled yet

  • DI-1909: Templates updated - New Parameters 'Unlock Cdc Table' and 'Lock Cdc Table' to configure the behaviour of CDC tables locking

Version 2.0.5 (Elasticsearch component)

Bug fixes

  • DI-3130: Elasticsearch - Defined HTTP password was not taken into account when performing an Elasticsearch Query operation on a secured Elasticsearch server

Version 2.1.0 (Elasticsearch component)


  • DI-3510: EMF compare utility - Component has been updated to support EMF Compare comparison utility

Version 2.2.0 (Elasticsearch component)

Bug fixes

  • DI-2892: Elasticsearch Metadata - "HTTP/REST" protocol should not be proposed in Metadata when Elasticsearch 2 version is selected as it is not supported with this Elasticsearch version

Version 3.0.0 (component pack)


  • DI-3701: Allow Components to contribute to Designer monitored statistics

  • DI-4508: Update Components and Designer to take into account dedicated license permissions

  • DI-4962: Improved component dependencies and requirements management

Bug fixes

  • DI-5087: Update Log4 third-party library (CVE-2021-44228)

Version 3.0.2 (component pack)

Bug fixes

  • DI-5189 : Update Log4 third-party library (CVE-2021-44228).