Cassandra component


With the Cassandra component, you can produce fully customized Cassandra data flows in Semarchy xDI.

The database structure can be fully reverse-engineered and stored in xDI Metadata. You can then use it when designing mappings and processes to adapt your business rules according to your requirements.

Install the Cassandra Component

If you did not install it yet, install the Cassandra component in Designer by following the component installation process.

Supported features

Common features

Feature Description


This technology can be reverse-engineered to xDI Metadata.

DDL/DML Operations

Supports DML/DDL operations, such as Insert, Update, Select, Delete, Create or Drop.

Integration Methods

  • Append

  • Incremental Update

Load Methods

  • specific load

Sub-metadata support

The Cassandra component lets you create Sub-Metadata on Cassandra schema and query folder Metadata nodes.

To learn more about Sub-Metadata, see Work with Sub-metadata.

Additional features

Feature Description

Structured Columns

Set, Map, and List columns are supported