xDI Designer resource concepts

Semarchy xDI has specific terms for its resources. This page provides definitions of the most commonly encountered resources you need to know to use the software. They appear in order of relevance.

Some resources are files with a corresponding file extension.

List of resources


Metadata are objects that describes datastores or variables, on sources or targets, that can be used in a Mapping or a Process. A specific instance of metadata may be called a metadata object.

File extension: .md


A mapping is a visual and logical design of an integration flow. It determines how data moves and transforms between sources and targets.

A mapping generates a corresponding Process.

File extension: .map


A process is a sequence of tasks and subtasks to execute, such as when running an integration flow. It can be standalone, or created from a mapping.

A process can become a task in a Delivery.

File extension: .proc


A template, or template process, is an intermediate process used when converting a mapping into its own process.

Semarchy xDI Designer has four kinds of templates:

Load templates

A load template defines how data is loaded into part of an integration flow.

Integration templates

An integration template defines how data is moved from one technology to another.

Stage templates

A stage template defines how data is processed in a stage.

Reject templates

A reject template defines how data is processed when it does not meet certain criteria.

File extension: .proc

Template rules

Templates have rules which describe when and how template processes can be used. For example, an Oracle integration template has rules specifying it can integrate data to a target Oracle database, but not to a target XML file.

File extension: .tpc


A configuration is a self-contained set of metadata parameters. It may also be called a configuration definition.

You can use a configuration to hold and export metadata parameters without touching the metadata itself, or to hold different configurations for different environments.

File extension: .cfc


A delivery is a file that contains the tasks and configurations a runtime needs to run an integration flow. A delivery is generated, deployed, and executed on a runtime.

File extension: .deliv


A runtime, or runtime engine, is a software package that executes integration processes created in Semarchy xDI Designer.

Designer comes with its own runtime. You can also download Semarchy xDI Runtime to add another runtime to Designer, or to run it standalone.

Runtime definition

A runtime definition is a resource containing the information needed for Designer to know about, and use, a runtime.

Runtime definitions are deprecated. They have been replaced by metadata objects that describe runtimes.

File extension: .egc