HTTP request methods

When interacting with REST APIs, Semarchy xDI Designer supports these HTTP request methods:

  • GET

  • HEAD

  • POST

  • PUT




Define HTTP request methods in HTTP REST metadata objects, under a path node.

Configure your metadata

From the Project Explorer, open an HTTP REST metadata object.

In the metadata editor, create or find a path node. Open the context menu for the path node and select New > Operation. An empty operation node appears.

Select the operation node to open its properties.

In the properties panel, click the Method label to activate that field, and select the HTTP method of your choice. Configure the other fields with your labels and descriptions as desired. You can also add parameters, requests, and responses at this time.

If you are going to use other operations on the same path, add them as well.

howto methods

Configure your mapping

Create or open a mapping.

Find your HTTP REST metadata object, and expand its nodes until you see the HTTP methods you added. Drag and drop the HTTP method into the mapping.

howto methods mapping

Continue designing your integration by mapping parameters, requests, and responses.