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GCP Master Data Management Solution

Many enterprises are adopting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to manage projects and resources, store data, run applications, and process large data sets in the cloud. To maximize your cloud investment, you need a reliable GCP master data management (MDM) solution.

Superior master data management in the cloud

Modern enterprises recognize that they need a cloud-based solution to improve how they manage their master data. At the same time, they need to ensure a swift, reliable migration of data from on-premise applications to the cloud. Use the Semarchy Unified Data Platform to fast-track your digital transformation.

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Perform seamless cloud migration

Semarchy makes it easy to optimize cloud usage. Migrate data between on-premise and cloud applications like Google Cloud Platform rapidly and with ease.

Explore, govern, and manage data quality

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform offers advanced data integration software (Semarchy xDI) and master data management software (Semarchy xDM) for a smooth end-to-end data lifecycle management experience.

Capture ROI faster with less complexity

Sidestep costly, complex, and lengthy GCP data integration with minimal operational disruption using a specialized data integration tool such as Semarchy xDI.

Get instant BI for faster decision-making

Modernize GCP master data management to eliminate the time-intensive consolidation of past data and get automated real-time, data-driven insights for faster decision-making and better analytics.

Secure cloud storage with an intelligent GCP connector

The unprecedented proliferation of big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the increase in cloud activity are producing a vast number of data sources. The Semarchy Unified Data Platform brings these separate data compilations together to generate greater data value and insights for businesses of all sizes.

  • Reduce TCO

    A major benefit that BigQuery offers is control over the cost of ownership – a philosophy that must apply equally to the architecture and solutions involved in a Google Cloud project. Our GCP MDM solution offers this plus a readable trajectory to help define clear objectives.

  • Generate quick data integration results

    Our comprehensive portfolio of dedicated connectors supports legacy and modern data sources with ubiquitous connectivity to accelerate delivery. Templates with out-of-the-box capabilities enhance productivity by saving valuable implementation time.

  • Agile response

    Use our GCP master data management solution to respond to growing business and technical requirements with speed and agility. The flexible and scalable architecture, coupled with low code development, facilitates the rapid creation of data projects. Customizable templates support underlying tech changes and unique requirements.

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Which Google products is your GCP MDM solution compatible with?

Our solution works seamlessly with Google BigQuery and Google Cloud Storage.

Can you deploy the Semarchy Unified Data Platform in a GCP environment?

Of course. You can use our solution for a partial or full data migration to Google Cloud Platform.

I don’t need to move all of my data to/from GCP. Can the Semarchy Unified Data Platform still help?

Yes! Our solution can create a standard API/web services layer around Salesforce to interconnect Salesforce and other applications.