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Materials Master Data Management Software

Is a lack of transparency tripping up your efforts to optimize material master data management? Get a single view of your materials data for better inventory and supply chain management with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform.

Smoothen supplier relationships and reduce costs

Use Semarchy xDM to quickly develop materials master data management capabilities and introduce best practices to eliminate errors, disruptions, and duplications. Perform your data management tasks with speed and accuracy.

  • Control complex supply chains

    Make the best possible decisions at any given moment with reliable materials data at your fingertips.

  • Manage costs

    Take the pressure off procurement and finance teams by gaining complete transparency of the materials your organization acquires.

  • Establish a single source of truth

    Use a unified materials MDM system to avoid over-purchasing, stockouts, and disruptions in your manufacturing or logistics operations.

  • Strengthen supplier relations

    Avoid miscommunication around payment terms, and increase business process efficiency with better data quality.

Get a full line of sight 

Make informed key materials business decisions by using a single, consistent, controlled source of corporate materials information.

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Trust your data

Skip rigid, remote governance rules that can’t keep up with the pace of doing business. Ensure data quality with intuitive governance processes built right in, and be confident all your materials data is up to date for added efficiency.

Learn more about our data governance software

Tackle your data integration challenges

Data integration is mission-critical if you want to compete in the digital economy. Integrate data from virtually any third-party source so that you have all your enriched materials data in one place with actionable insights ready to apply.

Learn more about our data integration software

  • Better data analytics

    Analyze vendor data in secure dashboards to help you gain accurate and trusted insights on materials inventories and costs. Plan more strategically and pivot at the pace of opportunity by empowering business decision-makers with real-time, self-serve analytics.


“By proving the value, showing the benefits of the use cases and providing transparency on the rules of data management, leadership could see the benefits and get on board.“

Laetitia Chassefiere materials master data management
Laetitia Chassefiere
Data Governance & MDM Director at CMA CGM

Success Stories


CMA CGM built an operational system for thousands of users all over the world with the Semarchy xDM Data Hub. Linking legacy internal and SAP systems, it is a single, cost-efficient platform for data stewards to provide shared services across shipping, finance, and user interfaces. The 24/7 “always on” system is a critical tool in the invoicing system, housing sensitive, regulated data that needs to be validated with tight SLAs.

  • Challenge: Digital transformation to maintain a competitive edge
  • XDM Solution: Created a single platform for shipping, finance, and user interfaces
  • Results: Cut cost and risk across 1.5m partners, 500+ vessels, and +5k locations
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Implement anywhere

Our flexible implementation options put you in control to capture ROI fast. Use our materials master data management platform to move data to the cloud or implement it on-prem, or as a service. Learn more about how our materials master data management software gives you control over your data


What is materials master data management?

Materials master data management gives manufacturers insights into their live inventories, associated costs and technical specifications, as well as business critical regulatory compliance (including counter-party risk exposure) and supply chain information.

How quickly will we see return on investment?

Companies that use the Semarchy Unified Data Platform see ROI in less than ten weeks.

Can your materials master data management software save us money?

Yes. Our customers typically benefit from reduced data on-boarding costs, minimized marketing costs and optimized organizational and process costs.

I’m worried adding an MDM solution would create resistance in my team. Have you ever had such feedback from your clients?

None that we’re aware of! Apart from its affordability, most of our clients value our MDM solution’s ability to manage sensitive data, streamline workflows, and increase data quality. Hopefully, you’ll be encouraged by the 90+ out of 100 approvals rating we received in the Despised vs. Inspiring section of SoftwareReviews’ 2022 report. We ranked in the top five out of 15 vendors! See how 26 reviewers rated us here.

Make your switch to Semarchy

Get powerful data integration and more with the Semarchy Unified Data Platform. Choose our Unified Data Platform today, and capture ROI by next quarter. Request a demo, start a free trial, or get a proof of value consultation to get started.