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Semarchy Acquires Stambia Enhancing its Data Hub with Improved, Built-in Data Integration

Best-in-class data integration capabilities bolster the Semarchy platform and streamline the data management experience.

Phoenix, AZ – September 27, 2021 – Semarchy, the creator of the Intelligent Data Hub™ and a global leader in data management solutions, today announced its acquisition of Stambia, a pioneer and innovator of best-in-class, flexible data integration technologies being leveraged by leading companies around the world. This acquisition will extend the Semarchy xDM Data Hub platform with comprehensive data integration capabilities, allowing the company to accelerate its innovation within data management and enhance its support of data fabric architecture.

“Since its inception, the Semarchy vision has been to build a single, full-featured, and integrated data hub product, but with agility and a strong focus on business value and outcomes. We believe in empowering business users to become data champions. Today we take a further step in this direction by allowing our clients to directly connect nearly any kind of enterprise system or application to the xDM Data Hub.” said Thorwald “TH” Herbert, CEO of Semarchy. 

Going forward, the Stambia product will be sold under the name xDM Data Integration (xDI) and will also become an integral component of the Intelligent Data Hub™ (IDH) platform, to deliver agile and flexible integration capabilities for any type of data integration, data hub or data management project.

“The Semarchy and Stambia platforms have already been lightly integrated for years and completing a deeper integration will provide customers a seamless, optimized experience in the expanded data platform,” explained Sébastien Arod, CTO at Semarchy. 

“Hugues [Rérolle] and I believe that the combination of the two technologies is the ideal foundation to build the future of data management, and we’re proud to partner with the Semarchy team to accelerate the global adoption of our platform,” said Fabien Bruder, CEO and Co-founder of Stambia.

News of the acquisition has been well received by existing clients, key partners and industry analysts. With customers already benefiting from both products, Semarchy aims to fully integrate the platforms into a single application this year.

Preston Gregg, General Manager at D3Clarity, Inc., a key Semarchy partner, said, “Building a consistent data platform remains a constant challenge in most organizations. Bringing these technologies together serves a clear and present need across the market and builds on already compelling solutions from Semarchy and Stambia. We look forward to leveraging this across our current and future clients.”

For more information about the Semarchy and Stambia products, please read the Statement of Direction.

About Semarchy: Semarchy is the creator of the Intelligent Data Hub™ which empowers business users to become data champions. Its xDM platform enables organizations of any size and helps them quickly bring together the critical information scattered across applications into a single data hub, with fast time to value. Data can be discovered, mastered, governed, and centrally managed in a non-intrusive way. Semarchy xDM is natively available on most popular cloud marketplaces, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and also as Software as a Service (SaaS), all with the same features as the on-premises platform.