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Optimal Data Management Can Be Your Competitive Advantage

Manufacturers: Here’s how you can manage complex data in one place for accurate insights, any time.

The most competitive manufacturers are optimizing how they manage data. Our new ebook shows you how to transform your complex data resources into a valuable source of everyday insights. 

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The Next Great Manufacturing Revolution

Discover how optimized data management is revolutionizing manufacturing and creating a competitive advantage for those who adopt strong data management practices. Our ebook, “The Next Great Manufacturing Revolution” is a comprehensive guide to navigating data management and unlocking the potential you have in your data assets. Data-driven manufacturers have discovered how to address common data challenges so that data is not only well-managed, but a source of valuable, timely insights.

  • How to scale your data-driven use cases across your organization.
  • How to manage and govern your data effectively, no matter the source.
  • Best practices for enhancing your operations through data management.
  • How to facilitate innovation, optimize your processes, and enhance customer satisfaction through effective data management.

Key Callouts

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Manufacturing data volumes grow at a rate of 40% per year, yet only 39% of manufacturing executives report they have successfully scaled data-driven use cases beyond a single product.

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Data management is critical in the manufacturing industry empowering organizations to improve operational efficiency, make better decisions, comply with regulations, enhance collaboration, and facilitate innovation.  

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Companies that invest in MDM solutions see a 20%-30% increase in operational efficiency.

Trust Your Data And Your Peers

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Recognized for our innovative and dynamic solutions, Semarchy was featured in Gartner’s 2022 Peer Insights report, affirming our commitment to delivering high-quality data management.

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Recognized for their unparalleled performance, Semarchy proudly emerged in The Forrester Wave™: Master Data Management Solutions, Q4 2021, underscoring their commitment to innovative data solutions.

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Semarchy made the Constellation Research, Inc. ShortList™ for Master Data Management. Constellation evaluates more than 15 solutions and this ShortList is determined by client inquiries, partner conversations, customer references, vendor selection projects, market share, and internal research.

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Our Customers love Semarchy

The Semarchy Unified Platform keeps learning curves low and ROI high.

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“The Proof of Value was part of de-risking the solution and vendor. It significantly accelerated our decision and implementation process.

The value of seeing the ins and outs of Chipotle’s operations is priceless. You’re able to make faster decisions and that’s an advantage in this market.

We’ve really increased the trust in our data across the organization, through our data quality standards, metrics and measures.

By providing the value, showing the benefits of the use cases and providing transparency on the rules of data management, leadership could see the benefits and get on board.