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Oracle Master Data Management Solution

Oracle provides a range of data-driven technologies that are an essential part of enterprises’ operations across the globe. But to deal with the challenge of long-term data management complexity, they need an agile, extendable Oracle master data management solution. 

Migrate seamlessly to next-gen Oracle master data management

Traditional data integration solutions tend to be more complex and less adaptable to new technologies. The Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) offers excellent performance when processing data in tabular form, but may struggle when dealing with hierarchical structures such as XML and JSON. Semarchy’s Unified Data Platform for Oracle master data management and integration eliminates these difficulties.

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Get the highest level of data quality and governance

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform offers advanced master data management software and data governance software capabilities (Semarchy xDM), as well as data integration software (Semarchy xDI), to ensure Oracle uses high-quality, consistent, and accurate data from a single source.

Make a smart move to the cloud

Semarchy helps build robust data warehouses and optimize cloud usage by making it easy to migrate and integrate data between on-premise and cloud applications.

Simplify data integration with maximum ROI

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform is the ideal Oracle MDM solution. It avoids costly and lengthy data integration projects and captures ROI quickly with minimal operational disruption.

Unlock Oracle’s true BI and analytics capabilities

Aggregate and integrate data sources that deliver actionable insights in real-time, automated feeds with exceptional responsiveness to business needs.

Maximize your Oracle investment

Our Oracle master data management solution is the best way to simplify interaction (extraction, management and integration of data) with Oracle cloud technologies, including Oracle Database, Oracle RDB, and Oracle BI. 

Unify, scale, and accelerate time to market

The Semarchy Unified Data Platform offers comprehensive cloud-native and AI-powered data management capabilities. Its scalable technology allows you to accelerate and industrialize your digital transformation while modernizing your use of Oracle systems – in just a few clicks!

  • Simplify data integration and migration to Oracle cloud

    Organizations embarking on a Big Data initiative will benefit most by using an ELT approach for cloud projects and hybrid architectures to simplify the process. Semarchy xDI’s ELT architecture doesn’t use an external processing engine, making it the ideal Oracle data integration tool.

  • Reduce the cost of ownership

    The multiplication of manipulated technologies and methods is constantly disrupting data processing, with more and more data adding to the cost. Our Oracle master data management solution delivers ROI quickly and optimizes your data management processes to absorb these new challenges and reduce TCO by 80%.

  • Accelerate digital transformation

    From a digital transformation perspective, a data integration solution must be agile and flexible to support and accelerate projects and business challenges. With Semarchy, you can accelerate your cloud analytics modernization, get BI on the fly, and eliminate the time-intensive effort of developing high-performance data flows.

  • Switch to agile data integration

    With Oracle Data Integrator, you need to design two interfaces plus one package for it to function effectively. With Semarchy xDI, you only need to concentrate on a single mapping while retaining the same development philosophy. Migration takes place progressively, with accurate control of the costs.

  • Achieve real productivity and performance gains

    A data integration solution worth its salt must provide real and tangible productivity and performance benefits. Thanks to its ELT architecture, the Semarchy Unified Data Platform optimizes the usage of each third-party technology like Oracle. Eighty percent of our customers have their first data integration project in production in under three weeks.

  • Generate quick results

    xDI’s robust portfolio of dedicated connectors (70+), supported by template design components with out-of-the-box abilities, accelerates delivery by cutting down on implementation time. The connectors support both legacy and modern sources and are designed in the same way without extensive technical resourcing.

  • Respond with agility to ever-changing requirements

    Semarchy xDI’s flexible and open architecture, alongside low code development, enables it to respond with agility to constantly changing business and technical requirements. Fully customizable templates also support the unique requirements of underlying tech changes.

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Which Oracle solutions is the Semarchy Unified Data Platform compatible with?

It is compatible with Oracle Database, Oracle RDB, and Oracle BI.

Can Semarchy xDI be used as an alternative to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)?

Yes. Semarchy xDI can be used as an ELT alternative to ODI.

What are the key benefits of using Semarchy’s Oracle MDM solution?

Customers using our Oracle MDM solution benefit from simplified data integration, reduced ownership costs, seamless data migration and, ultimately, performance and productivity gains.

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