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Blue Altair helps clients with their digital transformation by eliminating technological barriers in the areas of data management, data science, AI, digital application development, and API management and integration.
We have the experience and expertise to successfully navigate the complexities of Master Data Management (MDM) implementations by empowering organizations to make better decisions, improve operational efficiency, ensure compliance, and drive innovation to help simplify their MDM journey.

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For businesses to make precise and timely decisions, they must depend on reliable and non-redundant data. Besides being essential for sound business decisions, there is also mounting demand for data with a single version of the truth, ensuring that businesses are operating based on standardized and relevant data across the organization, reducing relevant data search times, and increasing overall productivity. Therefore, having a flexible and scalable Master Data Management framework is essential to any organization’s data strategy.

  • Accuracy

    Blue Altair takes pride in the high success rate (90%+) for our projects. Our clients see the value we deliver and utilize us for additional work; Over 85% of our clients have used us for at least two or more projects.

  • Savings

    We consistently deliver higher outcomes at lower price points than larger System Integrators helping drive results with maximum ROI. To help clients experience the value we bring to the project, we offer a complimentary consultation to demonstrate how our services can save you money and deliver on your project’s ROI.

  • Centralization

    Master Data Management (MDM) is a strategic initiative that can improve data quality, enable better data integration, and establish a single source of truth. Blue Altair has the experience and expertise to successfully navigate the complexities of MDM implementations to help simplify your MDM journey.

  • Speed

    Blue Altair takes a unique approach when delivering transformation solutions to our clients. By incorporating a comprehensive approach combined with a strong foundation in-project delivery, we eliminate the typical barriers and bureaucracy that accompany larger System Integrators. This provides a seamless execution of project deliverables that accelerate time to value for our clients.

Case Study – Blue Altair & Semarchy

Our client is a global biological resource center, the leading supplier of microorganisms to the pharma, research, and educational organizations for conducting life science research.

This client embarked on a multi-year MDM program to address the various data pain points pertaining to key business entities. The first phase was designed to master the talent data and interface with their two key source systems and file-based data. Subsequent phases focused on enhancing the MDM solution to master the company and contact data being sourced from multiple systems including a CRM database.

The Challenge

The client wanted to improve the quality of their talent data. Its objective was to accurately manage and create a single authoritative source of that data. However, a lack of standard business- and data-governance processes for ongoing talent maintenance across systems resulted in data anomalies and duplicate entries, thereby requiring large, costly, and manual operational support to address this. 

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bluealtair the solution

The Solution

Blue Altair introduced a new master data management system, to facilitate the standardization, cleansing, matching, and unmerging of candidate and employee information. This MDM system serves as the single point of reference for talent data moving forward. 

MDM Integration with the client’s core talent systems (iCIMS and UltiPro) was built within the iPaaS tool SnapLogic to provide the necessary mechanisms to perform an initial data load, provide an ongoing feed of updated talent data attributes between source and target talent systems, and support business processes. 

The Outcome

With the implementation of the master data management system for the talent data domain and its integration with the source systems, the client could see the short-term and long-term operational, technological, and financial benefits across all data domains that have been identified as areas of improvement. 

Outcomes included… 

  • Increased end-user productivity  
  • Improved search with an integrated view of data. 
  • Improved talent data visualization and navigation 
  • Improved business process and automation 
  • Automated organizational communication of employee record details at various employment life cycle stages 

Blue Altair & Semarchy: Real-world Solutions

Your data, our expertise 

Data is the key to unlocking your company’s greatest potential. Blue Altair supports data management projects of any size by aligning our expert data strategies with your business objectives. 

Cutting-edge technology 

Our team has invested in reusable and automated technology, testing, accelerators, frameworks, templates, and checklists—enabling us to speed up our clients’ data processes and shorten their time to market. 

Covering every base 

From cloud data migration to smart analytics to data governance and project roadmaps, we have your back. Our solutions are holistic and agile, and enable a hybrid environment of assets on-premise and on the cloud. 

Our Services

  • Current State Assessment  
  • Gap Analysis 
  • Implementation Strategy Planning 
  • Master Data Management Framework and Implementation 
  • Go-Live Training & Support 

About Us

  • Regions: North America, India, APAC, Australia 
  • Technologies/Expertise: Data Management, Data Governance Management, Digital Transformation, Data Governance, and Client Success 
  • Verticals: Pharmaceuticals, Biorepository, FinTech & Financial Services, Retail, Life Sciences, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Education. 
  • Partner Tier: Gold 

Our Differentiators 

  • We apply proven methods to standardize, clean, transform, consolidate, and govern organizational data to meet specific needs. 
  • We deliver advanced data analytics and insights. 
  • Increased functionality and data quality for end-users. 

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