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InfoBluePrint is a company dedicated to helping businesses manage their critical business information as a valuable corporate asset. We are uniquely and exclusively focused on Data Management, and we provide specialised solutions and services in the areas of Data Quality, Master Data Management, Data Engineering & Migration and Data Governance. 

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Quality Data. Quality Business

In order to realise the business value of best practice Information Management and reliable Master Data, such as increased revenues, reduced costs and compliance, a structured approach is required, using not only enabling technology, but also across people and processes. InfoBluePrint provides exactly that via its proven Data Management Methodologies, founded within a consistent Data Management Framework, to ensure well controlled programmes and maximum benefits to your business in the shortest possible time. 

Our Services

  • Master Data Management 
  • Data Quality Improvement & Management
  • Data Governance
  • Large Scale Complex Data Migration
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Management Education 

About Us

  • Regions: South Africa
  • InfoBluePrint provides specialist Information Management and Data Engineering services for structured solutions in the areas of Data Quality Management, Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Engineering and Data Migration.


    We help you manage Data Quality as an ongoing process, which benefits every business area. We ensure that your business information is reliable, complete, consistent, current and correctly interpreted.
    A Data Architecture that includes Master Data Management (MDM) hubs significantly improves an organisation’s ability  to  sustain  high quality  data and can be a powerful enabler for achieving compliance and successful digital strategies. 
    We ensure that all parts of your organisation are working in collaboration with each other, within clearly defined and assigned roles, responsibilities and processes. We help you to govern and manage data with the same rigour as other valuable assets such as finance and people. 
    We understand that as technology and requirements change, data engineering and migration become key, especially when re-configuring platforms. We improve and reconcile data to ensure it complies with all new requirements and achieves the expected business benefits.