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INSEPTI is a consulting company specialized in business data valorization.
We support companies in their strategic data projects integrating Semarchy solutions to move towards operational excellence and data intelligence.


Insepti and Semarchy join forces

Data has become an essential component of any successful business.
At Insepti, we talk about enterprise data capital”.

We made it our job!
Promote your data by supporting you in the complex world of this asset, ensuring its control, quality, diffusion, and analysis.

Through our expertise, we help small, medium and large companies to

  • move towards operational excellence by a better governance and fluid data sharing
  • have a deeper and faster understanding of the business, to guide informed decisions and seize unexploited opportunities

    Our service offerings:
  • Data governance: MDM, PIM, BPM
  • Data architect: Data hub, cloud, hybrid, virtual data
  • Data share: Inter-application flows
  • Data analytics: BI, advanced analytics

As a long-time integrators of Semarchy solutions, INSEPTI has developed extensive experience, available through consulting, a center of excellence, a TMA service center (with support & on-call)


  • Integrator & consulting
  • Center of excellence, service center
  • Support & on-call
  • Data governance (PIM, MDM)
  • Data architecture
  • Data Inter-application flows
  • Data Analytics


  • Regions: France, Belgium, Luxembourg
  • Technologies / Expertise: Data Integration, Data Architect, Data Hub, Data governance, Data Analytics
  • Verticals : retail, insurance, finance, industry, services, health, agribusiness
  • Partner Tier: Silver


  •  3 agencies: Lille, Paris, Brussels
  • Large number of expert, certified consultants
  • Extensive experience of integration projects, best practices
  • Multiple Data Hub implementations
  • Multiple ETL / ELT migrations

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