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INTELLITEK is a consulting company, specialized in DATA and digital transformation projects.
DATA is at the heart of our history…
Our expertise of the DATA ecosystem naturally led us to form a partnership with solid and innovative solutions such as Semarchy!

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Intellitek and Semarchy join forces

INTELLITEK is a NEO-ESN, specialized in DATA and more generally in digital transformation.

Intellitek today is above all a team, an internal and external pool of skills of 30 consultants based in Lille and in Paris.

What best defines us in 3 words? Innovation/ Simplicity/ Efficiency !

  • Innovation: Monitors emerging technologies to transform them into viable and efficient solutions for our customers.
  • Simplicity: In our approach and our relationship
  • Efficiency: By the proximity we maintain with our customers & partners and our pragmatism

    Data is not only a tool, but a true ecosystem that, when fully exploited and integrated, can become the engine:
  • Of change
  • Of innovation 
  • Sustainable growth in an organization.

We support our customers in their digital transformation, in the choice and implementation of Data solutions. We operate around 4 major axes:

  • Preparation (ETL/ ELT)
  • Management (MDM / Data Governance, etc.).
  • Visualization (Reporting)


  • Integrator & consulting
  • Center of excellence, service center
  • Support
  • Data governance (PIM, MDM)
  • Data architecture
  • Data Inter-application flows
  • Data Analytics


  • Regions: France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland
  • Technologies / Expertise: Data Integration, Data Architect, Data Management, Data Hub, Data governance, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence
  • Verticals : Retail, Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Services, Health, Agribusiness
  • Partner Tier: Silver


  •  2 agencies: Lille, Paris
  • Customized approach
  • Large number of expert, certified consultants
  • Extensive experience of integration projects, best practices
  • Multiple Data Hub implementations
  • Multiple ETL / ELT migrations

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