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Kwanzeo is a French-based IT firm specialized in Data Management & Data Intelligence.

Kwanzeo and Semarchy join forces

 We share our enthusiasm and expertise with our clients and partners. We deliver reliable services and innovative solutions (MDM Core Models RCU & HR)


  • Data management
  • MDM Core Models for RCU and HR
  • Data Intelligence
  • Big Data and IA


  • Regions: France
  • Technologies/Expertise: Master Data Management, Data Governance, AI, Data Integration, Data Platforms, Data Intelligence
  • Vertical(s): Cross-industry
  • Partner Tier:  Alliance
  • Years as a Partner: 3 years
  • Certified Partner: Yes


  • A dedicated development team Kwanzeo to Master Data Management and more specifically to Semarchy solutions
  • MDM Core Models RCU and HR based on Semarchy xDM
  • Solutions enabling companies to be more efficient
  • Enhanced data and reference data management

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