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Proof of Value

Convince your stakeholders

Need help driving a new data strategy forward? Show stakeholders how the Intelligent Data Platform lowers risk, speeds time-to-value, and delivers ROI for your unique business. 

Get a working implementation using your data

We’ll provide your unique proof of value within two weeks. With this working instance of your Intelligent Data Hub™, you can:

Assess data quality to de-risk your strategy

Live datasets, meaningful interaction between teams, and hands-on workshops within Semarchy xDM and xDI make it easy to decide on Semarchy.

Validate business outcomes by justifying ROI

Data experts refine initial business cases and requirements into a measurable, meaningful set of business outcomes stakeholders can trust. 

Plan project roadmaps and set expectations

Increase adoption and sponsorship with realistic milestones and project and iteration planning for faster and better business outcomes.

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How it works

Using your data, we evaluate opportunities using our 6-step process. You get documented ROI analysis as well as data models, data quality analysis, risk analysis, and mitigation plans that can be used to improve your data management initiatives at any time.

1. Analysis Scope

We define your proof of value by focusing on outcomes important to business stakeholders. 

2. Data Selection

Using real or blinded data, we select a data subset to focus on outcomes important to your business stakeholders. 

3. Data Profiling

Using xDM and xDI, we’ll produce an in-depth profile of the data’s quality and provide curation recommendations. 

4. Goal Setting

Our data experts will define goals, metrics, KPIs, and processes to capture ROI from your data. 

5. Data Modeling

Agile modeling within the Intelligent Data Hub will produce a fully working app in fast sprints.

6. Demo Validation

Your teams will be able to interact with the solution, see the data, validate outcomes, and provide feedback.

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“The Proof of Value was part of de-risking the solution and vendor. It significantly accelerated our decision and implementation process.”

— Tony Croughan, Head of Program for Business Transformation, Bae Systems
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Request a Consult

Tell us a bit about your data needs. We’ll get back to you to plan your proof of value consult.