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Reference Data Management Software

Struggling to produce accurate business intelligence (BI) reports? Are systems integrations not going to plan? You need Semarchy’s reference data management software to eliminate duplicate and contradictory data to improve BI, enable agile data updates, and reduce IT cost and risk.

Get the balance right with a reference data management tool

For many companies, reference data management (RDM) is far too often an afterthought. RDM provides the processes and technologies for recognizing, harmonizing, and sharing coded, relatively static data sets for “reference” by multiple constituencies (people, systems, and other master data domains). Inconsistent RDM, generally a ‘read-only’ file, can drain productivity as all systems in a company rely on it as the standard to cut down on mistakes.  Semarchy’s master data management software, xDM, strikes the right balance.  

  • Deliver accurate business intelligence

    Ensure accurate and trustworthy BI reports for better business decision-making with mastered reference data. Mismatches in reference data impact the integrity of BI reports and are a common source of application integration failure.

  • Reduce risk

    Greatly reduce the risk of incorrect or inconsistent data and ensure regulatory data

  • Control costs

    Slash IT costs by up to a third by storing and managing your reference data on a central, customizable platform.

  • Update with agility

    Decrease the efforts to change and update reference data to save time on data integration projects.

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Unify your data

Avoid silos with an all-in-one approach to managing data assets through the xDM component in the Semarchy Intelligent Data Hub. This reference data management tool unifies data management capabilities for integration, enrichment, workflows, and governance into one unified, code-free customizable platform.

Empower data champions across the spectrum

Using the Semarchy Intelligent Data Hub requires virtually no training. An intuitive interface powers ease of use for faster business value and user adoption. Nontechnical users can use the reference data management software to collaborate for data stewardship, curation, management, and security.

Choose an iterative approach by starting small

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to integrate all reference data, the time will never come. xDM runs in any configuration and at any scale, on-premises or in the cloud. The platform capabilities are extensible to leverage external data providers or services as needed. Additionally, RDM is a good entry-level project to show success for initial MDM investment, which can be built on as a data governance model.

  • Turn data stewards into champions

    The Semarchy xDM reference data management system enriches and standardizes any data, enforces all data quality rules, and supports automated and manual duplicates match and merge. It has powerful capabilities to manage records in any hub style, whether collaborative, centralized, co-existed, or registry.

  • Facilitate business flexibility with adaptive modeling

    A “whiteboard-style” modeling framework enables ultimate flexibility. You can grow your model over time, scale it to meet business requirements, and iterate and redeploy it in minutes across an enterprise application architecture that meets upstream and downstream requirements.

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What is reference master data?

Reference master data is data that is shared across multiple systems or business processes. It is typically data that is not specific to a particular business process or system but is general information needed by multiple systems or processes. For example, reference master data might include units of measurement, ISO 3166-1 codes, corporate codes (e.g., BIC or DUNS), currency exchange rates, and temperature conversions.

Why is reference master data important?

Reference master data is important because it helps to ensure that data is consistent and accurate across multiple systems or business processes. This can help to improve efficiency and productivity and can also help to reduce errors and costs.

How can I manage reference master data?

There are many ways to manage reference master data. One common way is to use a master data management (MDM) system like Semarchy’s. MDM systems can help to centralize and manage reference master data and can also help to automate the process of updating and maintaining reference master data.

I’m worried adding an reference data management solution will frustrate my team. Do you get this feedback from your customers?

No! We understand your concerns, but hopefully, you will be reassured by the 98+ out of 100 approval rating we received in the Frustrating vs. Effective section of SoftwareReviews’ September 2022 report – we ranked third in this category out of 15 MDM vendors! Check out how 26 reviewers rated us here.

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