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Unlocking the Potential of Master Data Management for Finance in Any Industry

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An Apgar and Semarchy Webinar for Any Industry

Are you tired of struggling with inconsistent, inaccurate, or incomplete financial data? 

Do you wish there was a way to streamline your financial processes and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies? Look no further than Master Data Management (MDM) for Finance!

By implementing MDM for Finance, companies will avoid 40 to 60% of the implementation effort of starting from nothing. The solution offers the flexibility to adapt to your finance department, processes, and systems as it migrates to a centralized ERP or as it adds new markets, expands into new geographies, and adapts to market changes.

During this webinar, Apgar and Semarchy’s experts will present to you: 

  • The various challenges the MDM for Finance solution can solve
  • A specific use case for migration to S/4 Hana
  • An accelerator demonstration

With these benefits and more, MDM for Finance is a smart investment for any organization looking to improve its financial processes and performance. 

So why wait? Watch the replay now!

Meet Our Speakers

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Stephen Hannaway: Director of Channel Sales at Semarchy
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Nour Bou Imad: Manager, Data Engineer Lead at Apgar
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Kendall Kickertz: Data Engineer at Apgar