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The Race to Unified Analytics: Next-Gen Data Platforms and Architectures

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A DBTA Roundtable Webinar

Despite ongoing investment in cloud platforms and analytics tools, many companies are still struggling with truly unlocking the business value of all their data. While the ways that users want and need to work with data continue to evolve, the increasing complexity of data and analytics systems and the proliferation of data silos often pose significant hurdles. 

This is especially true when data is managed across a patchwork of legacy systems and new technologies adopted tactically without full consideration of broader data management imperatives and future needs. Ultimately, organizations want to empower their users with fast, easy access to actionable, reliable information and insights.

To examine next-generation platforms and architectures, along with key issues such as integration, governance, and security, Semarchy joined DBTA for an in-depth roundtable webinar.

Meet Our Speaker


BRETT HANSEN – Chief Growth Officer, Semarchy

Brett Hansen is responsible for global Marketing along with generating new growth for the business. He has two decades of experience in general management, marketing, product, and strategy leadership positions.  

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