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National Student Clearinghouse on Data Governance and MDM Best Practices


It’s hard to find a data discipline today that is under more pressure than data governance. On the one side, the supply of data is exploding. As enterprises transform their business to compete in the 2020s, they digitize myriad events and interactions, which creates mountains of data that they need to control. On the other side, demand for data is exploding. Business owners at all levels of the enterprise need to inform their decisions and drive their operations with data.

Under these pressures, data governance teams must ensure business owners access and consume the right, high-quality data. This requires Master Data Management (MDM)—the reconciliation of disparate data records into a golden record and source of truth—which assists data governance at many modern enterprises.

In this episode, our host Kevin Petrie, VP of Research at Eckerson Group talks with Semarchy client Felicia Perez, Managing Director, Information as a Product Program and Patrick O’Halloran, Enterprise Data Scientist at National Student Clearinghouse, as they define what data quality and MDM are, why you need them, and how best to achieve effective data quality and MDM.