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Semarchy Client Story: How Matching & Merging Data Clusters Led to Improved Product Insights

Brown Forman sees 3 drop in Q2 but sees success in premium whiskey

Improving Product Data with Brown-Forman

Join Semarchy and our distinguished clients for the second presentation in our Client Success Quarterly Webinar Series! The aim of this series is to showcase key success stories of our clients and how Semarchy’s unified data platform helped them achieve their data and business goals. Attendees will be taken through the customer’s journey with Semarchy and discuss initial problems and needs, implementation, outcomes, technical and business recommendations, and future projects.

In this webinar, Brown-Forman, a leading manufacturing company of brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Old Forester, Woodford Reserve, Diplimatico Rum, and more and founded in 1850, will discuss its unique use case and how Semarchy thought outside of the box to help solve its challenges.

Brown-Forman had extensive third-party data where every data source had different definitions for thousands of products in different locations all over the world. (The organization had over 4,000 master records in the Jack Daniels cluster alone!) The data included Brown-Forman products, but also competitive ones as well. This led to siloed, incomplete, and inaccurate data, therefore BF was in need of migrating vast amounts of data into one single source of truth for better insights and competitive knowledge.

Hear from Mike Homer, Senior Manager of Master Data Management, as he discusses:

  • Brown-Forman’s complex data ecosystem
  • The challenges that led the company to Master Data Management
  • The technical strategy that went beyond data matching rules
  • How the project is helping Brown-Forman today and into the future

A Q&A session will be included.

Meet Our Speaker


MIKE HOMER – Senior Manager of Master Data Management at Brown-Forman

Mike Homer began his master data management journey with a Fortune 50 company in 2010 doing consumer data matching for cross-brand marketing opportunities.  Mike joined the Brown-Forman Corporation (makers of Jack Daniel’s, Woodford Reserve, Old Forester, Herradura, El Jimador, and other premium spirits brands) in 2015.  In 2016 he implemented the first MDM system at Brown-Forman as a proof of concept.  Following an extensive search, the company partnered with Semarchy and invested in xDM in 2021.  In 2022 he was promoted to the newly created role of Senior Manager Master Data Management and leads a team of 2 others in building the first enterprise-wide MDM solution for the company.