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Semarchy Client Story: The OneBird Model – How Bird Construction Created a Master Data Management Strategy

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Creating a Data-Centric Culture at Bird

Join Semarchy and our distinguished clients for the third presentation in our Client Success Quarterly Webinar Series! 

The aim of this series is to showcase key success stories of our clients and how Semarchy’s unified data platform helped them achieve their data and business goals. Attendees will be taken through the customer’s journey with Semarchy and discuss initial problems and needs, implementation, outcomes, technical and business recommendations, and future projects.

In this webinar, Bird Construction, a leading provider of construction services for over 100 years will discuss how Master Data Management made a huge impact on their business and internal processes. With thousands of vendors (almost 60,000) accumulated over the years, Bird was looking to improve internal processes, tackle key data quality concerns, and overcome data integration challenges.

With a need for rapid access to accurate data and the ability to scale, Bird ultimately chose Master Data Management as a strategic initiative. Watch as the Bird team walks attendees through:

  • Its MDM implementation process and unique business case
  • Selecting the right strategic MDM partner
  • How to build engagement and create a “data culture” with internal teams
  • Future plans with MDM
  • Outcomes and lessons learned

Whether you’re a business leader, data evangelist, IT professional, or want to learn more about Master Data Management, this webinar will give you the opportunity to hear directly from your peers.

Meet Our Speakers

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Matthew Fox
Senior Project Manager
Bird Construction

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Mariya Salamatova
Data Architect
Bird Construction

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Dean Sanders
 Lead Data Stewart & Senior Analyst
Bird Construction