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The Role of Data Management in a Modern Data Ecosystem

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An Amplifi Modern Data Ecosystems Webinar

Semarchy joined Amplifi for its Modern Data Ecosystem Video Series. The fifth installment of this LinkedIn Live series explored the rise of Modern Data Ecosystems and new approaches to data management.

Hear from Michael Evans, Chief Innovation Officer at Amplifi converse with Scott Moore, Director of Presales at Semarchy as they discuss topics such as:

  • The role of data management and MDM in a Modern Data Ecosystem
  • The challenges Semarchy is hearing from customers
  • How Semarchy’s customers are approaching modern data challenges
  • How Semarchy is leveraging AI/ML in MDM

Keep up to date on data management with leaders in the space.

Meet Our Speaker


SCOTT MOORE – Director of Pre-Sales at Semarchy

Scott is currently the Director of Pre-Sales at Semarchy. He has over 25 years of experience working with modern technology companies in the management of Presales and Consulting teams. His specialties include MDM, Java, Database, Pre-Sales, SOA, and Object Oriented Design. 

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