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Transforming Manufacturing Challenges into Opportunities with Master Data Management

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A Data Webinar for Manufacturing

In this webinar, we will explore transformative strategies to address key challenges in the manufacturing sector through the deployment of Master Data Management (MDM).

Join Semarchy and Credencys to gain actionable insights into overcoming data silos, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and managing the complexities of modern supply chains — three critical areas needed for achieving operational efficiency and gaining a competitive edge.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data Unification and Accuracy: Discover how MDM’s centralization capabilities can dismantle data silos across your organization, providing departments such as IT, Sales, and Operations with access to consistent and reliable data, thereby enhancing decision-making, efficiency, and reporting accuracy.
  • Compliance Made Easy: Learn about how MDM supports comprehensive data governance, making it easier for your organization to meet regulatory standards and reduce the risks and costs associated with non-compliance. This segment is especially relevant for professionals in Compliance, Quality Assurance, and Procurement.
  • Streamlined Supply Chain Operations: Gain insights into improving supply chain visibility and accuracy with MDM, leading to better planning, forecasting, and collaboration. This discussion will highlight the benefits of MDM in optimizing supply chain performance and customer satisfaction.

Who Should Watch?

This webinar is essential for manufacturing professionals facing challenges in data management, compliance, and supply chain optimization. Whether you are in IT, Sales, Operations, or Supply Chain Management, you’ll find valuable insights and solutions.

Meet Our Speakers

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Manish Shewaramani – Vice President of Global Customer Success
Credencys Solutions Inc.
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Shivam Modi – Pre-Sales Solution