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Unlocking Master Data Management Success: Real-World Insights and Strategies

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An EMA Research Webinar

In a landscape where data is king, master data management (MDM) plays a pivotal role in ensuring data quality and consistency across organizations. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research shows that 96% of enterprises have one or more MDM tools or are planning to add one in the next 24 months. Achieving a successful MDM implementation, however, proves challenging for many, with 30% of organizations failing on their first attempt to deploy an MDM. Implementation teams struggle with data quality, data mapping and transformation, integration complexity, and many other challenges. What is the secret to a successful MDM implementation?

Join Dan Twing, President and COO of EMA, and Steven Lin, Product Marketing Manager at Semarchy, a leading MDM solutions provider, for an insightful webinar that will reveal the answer. Discover the reasons behind MDM implementation failures and gain valuable lessons from those who have successfully deployed MDM solutions. 

You will also discover the following key insights during the webinar:

  • Challenges in MDM Implementations – Uncover the reasons behind the 30% of MDM implementations that require multiple attempts.
  • Post-Implementation Challenges – Explore the key challenges that often arise after MDM implementation and learn strategies to overcome them.
  • Measuring MDM Impact – Gain insights into the crucial metrics for assessing the impact of MDM solutions.
  • Valuable Lessons – Learn from the experiences of successful MDM implementations and extract valuable lessons to enhance your own deployment strategy.

Meet the Speakers

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DAN TWING – President & COO
Enterprise Management Associates

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STEVEN LIN – Product Marketing Manager