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Exclusive Interview: Jack Henderson, Project Manager, Customer Success

Exclusive Interview: Jack Henderson, Project Manager, Customer Success

Our series, “Great People, Great Data” showcases dedicated Semarchy team members.  The strength and passion of our people drives innovative data solutions and ultimately, a strong commitment to the success of our clients. We’re here to build strong data teams and lifelong client relationships.

Customer Success is more than just a title at Semarchy, it’s a way of life. Jack Henderson embraces that ethos as a Project Manager on the Customer Success team. “It is the Project Manager and Solution Architect’s role to equip clients and partners with the resources they need to be successful,” he says. “This is truly a Semarchy-wide and cross-functional team effort!”

Since Jack joined the team, he describes a doubled-down focus on providing an excellent customer experience during every step of the journey. “Specifically, we revamped our client onboarding process which is now dually led by our Project Management Office (PMO) and Technical Services team,” he says. “The two teams include 11 staff members with over a combined 140 years of experience.”

Semarchy users can expect to interact with the Customer Success team immediately after signing up. “Clients and partners can expect proactive communication, best-practice consulting, and consistent touchpoints to ensure an efficient project kick-off,” says Jack.

Semarchy’s Rapid Delivery Blueprint

The Rapid Delivery Blueprint plays a key role in successful onboarding. “Semarchy has successfully onboarded hundreds of customers and is committed to continuous improvement,” Jack says. “That mindset led Semarchy to develop the Rapid Delivery Blueprint, sharing its expertise in a best practice, step-by-step guide to implementing your MDM solution.”

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How does implementing the Rapid Delivery Blueprint ensure clients get great results? “A key component of the Rapid Delivery Blueprint is the Expert Service Reviews,” says Jack. “These quality gate reviews allow customers to leverage Semarchy’s expertise to ensure their critical items such as their architecture, data models, and UI/UX are designed correctly to support the goals of their unique MDM implementation.”

An Effective Implementation Plan

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Semarchy clients span a range of sizes and technology resources. Jack says while some choose to implement with their own resources, others choose to bring in a partner to help. “Regardless of who we are actively working with, our approach and commitment to offering our best-practice guidance every step of the way remains the same,” he says.

Each client can expect the Semarchy team to complete a Data Model Review as part of their implementation. “ The Data Model Review provides a formal space for our team to offer our observations and feedback in a structured and actionable way that ensures the work done thus far is in line with both immediate and long-term goals,” says Jack. Expert Service Reviews then serve as critical milestones along the way and offer a collaborative approach to assessment and feedback.

“It has been really rewarding seeing our investment in the onboarding process pay-off,” says Jack. “We are still learning every day, and our client’s feedback has been crucial in providing us with invaluable insights.”

Helping Clients Master Their Data

Jack describes working with a large global consulting firm who were making an effort to gain a clearer picture of their business data and ultimately, drive efficiencies. They were initially concerned with whether they would be able to successfully implement xDM as they had no prior knowledge and they didn’t plan on hiring an SI to help them. “As they went through our xDM Development Training they quickly caught on,” says Jack. “We began having many worthwhile conversations that placed what they were learning in training into their real-world use cases.”

The Semarchy team helped the firm to get into a productive rhythm and confidently implement xDM using their in-house resources. Ultimately, the client was able to meet their implementation goals and start rolling out into other areas. “They have already begun work on phases two and three of their project, and are simultaneously working with their Client Success Manager to drive wide-spread business adoption,” Jack says. 

Client feedback has affirmed the effectiveness of the implementation process: “Our team has worked on a lot of projects over recent months and years, but this xDM implementation was our most successful and efficient to date thanks to your support and guidance.”

Why Choose Semarchy?

One of the strengths of the Customer Success team is their ability to meet clients wherever they sit in stages of data maturity and quickly work with them to start seeing genuine results. “Project timelines vary heavily depending on scope and client or partner resources allotted,” says Jack. “But since the introduction of the Rapid Delivery Blueprint and Semarchy’s PMO, 100% of customers have met their implementation goals.”

When asked what makes Semarchy’s onboarding experience best-in-class, Jack provides four areas of strength: project management, proactive communication, broad Master Data Management expertise, and a customer-centric approach with innovative problem-solving. All Semarchy clients benefit from dedicated project management resources, a commitment to clear communication, and a diversely talented Technical Services Team. “Every MDM project is unique,” Jack says. “The Semarchy team recognizes this and pairs our onboarding and industry experience with creativity and adaptability to partner effectively with each of our unique clients.”

Beyond onboarding, Customer Success is a way of life and the Semarchy team strives to build relationships for life, and data management processes that continue to deliver value for clients. “Semarchy remains actively engaged,” Jack says. “We continue to partner closely to ensure business objectives are achieved and ensure a smooth and collaborative transition to our dedicated team of Client Success Managers. We certainly take pride in hitting tangible project metrics, milestones, and goals alongside our clients.”

The bottom line is that Client Success is central to everything that Semarchy does. The value to clients is twofold: “Most simply, we partner with clients to achieve their data business objectives with our MDM platform,” Jack says. “And through a lasting relationship with our highly skilled and knowledgeable Semarchy teams.” Those relationships are helping clients to mine a wealth of hidden value from their data assets.