Business Intelligence


Fuel better BI with Intelligent Data Management

Big Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics need clean, controlled and mastered foundational data in order to provide accurate results in highly regulated and quickly changing environments.


Semarchy makes it easy to intelligently manage the underlying data that fuels BI Tools, Reporting and Analytics. xDM from Semarchy is an Intelligent Data Hub that enables lineage, audit, and traceability alongside the ability to master, govern and enrich your existing information, without disruption to existing systems.

Graph Analytics xDM Intelligent Data Hub MDM ADM

Base your Initiatives on High-Quality Data

Business Intelligence is predicated on the requirement that the data decisions are based upon is clean, up-to-date, and complete. Leveraging the xDM Intelligent Data Hub from Semarchy ensures accurate, mastered data across your systems allowing the delivery of the high quality and consolidated data that support your big data and business intelligence initiatives.

Control Lineage, Traceability and Security

xDM enables users to remain confident in the data fueling their systems using state of the art data lineage, traceability and security capabilities in order to deliver metrics that meet business accuracy and regulatory requirements.

Turn your BI Users into Data Champions

xDM utilizes an intuitive material design that allows non-technical users to create and maintain critical data assets, transforming mere data consumers into data champions.


Download this BI datasheet to see how to fuel better BI with Intelligent Data Management.