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Fuel better BI with an Intelligent Data Hub

Semarchy makes it easy to intelligently manage the underlying data that fuels BI Tools, reporting and analytics systems.

Dazzling visualizations and advanced analytics are most effective when they’re based on trusted governed data.

xDM empowers everyone in the organization to collaborate in the curation, governance, and stewardship of critical data assets. The Intelligent Data Hub enables lineage, audit, and traceability alongside the ability to master, govern and enrich existing information, with no disruption to existing systems.

Organizations that understand how to treat data as an asset have built valuable business intelligence visualizations, reports, and dashboards. Yet only a third of CEOs have a high level of trust in the accuracy of their data analytics. Whether for Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI), or Analytics applications, enterprise information management systems need clean, controlled and mastered foundational data in order to provide accurate results in highly regulated and quickly changing environments.

Trusted data for accurate reporting

xDM is used by organizations over the world as an operational data hub, housing the ‘golden records’ that provide a single source of truth for downstream analytical systems. Standard SQL interoperability and RESTful APIs simplify integration with existing information systems. The Intelligent Data Hub is an all-in-one platform for master, reference and application data management that enables cleansing, enrichment, and governance.

Control lineage, traceability, and security

xDM preserves the details of where each piece of data comes from, when and by whom it was changed, and keeps track of historical values over time. Historization and point-in-time analysis can be done on an entire database or any data point that has been modified in the hub. Role- and persona-based access controls ensure that all security requirements are met, and metrics can be provided for audit or business control purposes. Users remain confident in the data fueling their systems using state of the art data lineage, traceability and security capabilities in order to deliver metrics that meet business accuracy and regulatory requirements.

Empower Data Champions

xDM utilizes a powerful, yet intuitive material design interface to enable non-technical users to curate and steward data. This turns ordinary information worker staff into Data Champions who can create and maintain critical data assets, with no involvement from the IT staff. Unending model flexibility and limitless scalability mean that as data volumes grow, and business requirements scale, the Intelligent Data Hub can meet the needs of any enterprise.

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Semarchy clients benefit from our platform to design and deploy critical applications orchestrating business processes across multiple lines of businesses, all sharing a single consistent and governed data hub.